Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bridal Shower Inspiration boards

The bridal shower is fast approaching.  I want to make this party extra special for my best friend.  I have spent many hours researching the best food to serve at the party. 

When planning a party it is extra important to chose the time of the party with caution.  The food you want to serve and the amount of food you will need to provide depends a great deal with the party time.   If you throw a party between 11 and 1 pm or 5 and 6 pm your party guests will most likely come hungry and expect a full meal or eat quite a bit.  Remember to budget for that and plan for hungry guests.  A party between 1 and 4 pm or 7 pm and later you will only need to have finger foods.  My worst fear as a party planner is to run out of food.  Plan your food wisely and DO NOT RUN OUT!

We are doing this bridal shower at 3pm on a Saturday.  This is a good time to plan a bridal shower because you don't have to serve a lot of food and most people won't have other plans or can at least stop by for a short time.  

One of my friend's favorite snack are mall pretzels.  I felt it was necessary to have pretzels at her party.  I have never made them before, how hard can it be? Last year I bought a ton of shot glasses for her birthday party and thought it would be fun to have mini shot glass desserts.  As for the cupcakes, what is a party without cupcakes, especially chocolate ones?  You can't get a bunch of girls together without chocolate!

Here are all the recipes I will be using for the food:

As for the decorations, it is harder to find decorations that are cheap, but look nice and will make a plain room look like a party.  It is amazing how the simplest party decorations like tissue paper, streamers and balloons can look really nice if you do it right.  I am excited to see how a touch of playfulness and elegance put together can make a simple party look really great.

I am also really excited to use the polka dot straws and the mason jars to use for the drinks.

Its going to be the cutest little bridal shower in the whole town!

I hope she likes it and the party turns out just as she dreams.  I want it to be perfect with her!

Party On!


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