Friday, March 30, 2012

Ooh La La Bridal Shower

Last week the day finally came and I had the opportunity to throw a bridal shower for my Best Girl Friend Kelly! She will be getting married in May, but school gets out at the end of the week and she will be going back to Arizona to finish the planning and see her fiance.  

The theme was Ooh La La a little classy and a little risque.  

I had a blast putting this together.  With the help of her roommates we were able to make her smile and make her blush for a very memorable party!

these are a few of the printables I designed for the shower.

French Macarons with a chocolate Ganache.

Strawberry cream pie shots

I got Lingerie from the thrift store to help spice things up a little. 
I wanted it to look like the close line from the invite and I think it turned out very cute!

Kelly's favorite food of all time is pretzels ( I just realized it is spelled wrong... go figure) so I made homemade pretzels and they were delicious!

For recipes and where I got a lot of the products go here.

It was you can tell it was a bridal shower. 
She was BRIGHT red by the end of it!! 

Congrats Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Kelly!

Party on!!


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